Welcome to the TWILIGHT CLAN
in Aion

"We might be few in numbers, but we´re great in strength and loyalty.
Whining and wailing are reserved for our enemies!"

What defines our Legion:
A positive spirit.
Regular mature players.
Player progress at own speed(it´s ok to have a life).
Grouping/soloing as members see fit.
A good mix of classes.
Sharing knoweledge, so we all improve.

Some of our goals:
Doing all instances,
exploring what Aion has to offer.
Having fun playing the game,
while getting to 50.
Exterminate all Asmoes.

What we´re not:
A big Legion.
An audience for whining.
Accepting players to jump in and
out of our Legion as they see fit.
Holding hands, singing songs..
A hardcore legion, even though
we do have a hard core. ;)




A brief introduction to the TWILIGHT CLAN:

It all started out in the Age of Conan.

Players from the Twilight server who got to know eachother,
banded together after the server was closed and formed a Clan,
so we could continue playing in the good company we formed in AoC,
and in other games as well, both existing and those to come.

Along the way, new players join the Clan and hece we grow.
At present, our biggest guild is still in AoC.

Twilight Clan in Aion was formed by a small, dedicated group of the
co-founders of the Twilight Clan.
Some members of CDD, our friend guild in AoC, has joined the ranks,
along with a few others.

Other games that Twilight Clansmen are engaging in,
can be found on the main website: