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hollister france
Terrie Fuglsang44

22:56: Herstein


20:02: Gildorin

Anything happening in here? looks pretty dead :(

23:18: Mage

I wanna kill stuff...

07:55: Crogar

What is raid?Forgot what it is

20:20: Tuthmosis


08:24: Sahaladin

Hi guys some of you may have noticed I'm kind of back, won't be playing properly til after 20/07 when I switch broadband providers

18:06: Demoncaller

Hi all just downloading the update not been on for ages.....lol have you missed me ?

05:17: Kaldor

can somone get me forum access.PLS :)

05:14: Uttar

can we start doing raids ..pls :)

18:05: Doomblades

i'm gonna be late tonight guys, but shouldn't be long

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Support EQDKP-Plus
EQDKP-Plus is a hobby-project which was mainly developed and is kept updated by two private persons. At the beginning this wasn’t a problem but after three years of constant programming and updating, the cost for this grows unfortunately over our heads. Only for the developer and the update-server we have to spend 600€ per year now and there are also another 1000€ in costs for an attorney, since there are some legal problems at this time. For the future we have also planned many more server-based features which will result in another needed server. Costs for our new forum and the designer of our new homepage add to this. All these named costs plus our more and more invested working time cannot be paid anymore by ourselves. For this reason and not wanting the project to die you will now sparely see ad-banners in EQDKP-Plus. These banners are very limited for content, so you will not see any pornographic banners or gold/item-selling vendors. You do have options to turn these banners off:
  1. Log on to www.eqdkp-plus.com and donate any amount you want. Please think about it, how much is EQDKP-Plus worth for you. After a donation (Amazon or Paypal) you will get an eMail with a serial-key for the respective major or major-version..

  2. Log on to www.eqdkp-plus.com and donate any amount exceeding 50€. You will earn premium status and get a livetime-premium-account, making you eligible for free upgrades to new major-versions.

  3. Log on to www.eqdkp-plus.com and donate any amount exceeding 100€. You will earn gold status and get a livetime-premium-account, making you eligible for free upgrades to new major-versions + free personal support from the EQDKP-Plus developers.

  4. All developers and translators ever contributed to EQDKP-Plus also get a free serial-key.

  5. Deeply committed beta-testers also get a free serial-key.

All money generated with ad-banners and donations is solely spent to pay the costs coming up with the EQDKP-Plus project. EQDKP-Plus is still a non-profit project! You dont have a Paypal or Amazon Account or have trouble with you key? Write me a Email.

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