Simple rules that must be obeyed if you are to remain serving in Twilight,ultimately
though, to ensure the guild is recognised with Honour. Twilight values Honors, Trust and Friendship. Live your life by these principles and you will live well.

- Attack greys
- Kill AFK players
- Attack players busy fighting mobs OR wait till they are weakened before attacking them
- Spawn camp-Interrupt roleplaying -Fill Guild chat and Ventrilo with negativity. We have a forum for that.
- Use offensive language excessively
- Make racist or sexist comments

- Killing players who you unfairly outnumber
- Killing the same person immediately after killing them the first time
- Filling the guild chat up with discussions reserved for the forums


- Help your fellow guildmates-think of how you can help the guild to reach its goals
- Be a fair player (Treat others like you would want to be treated)

YOU MUST:-Allways read the Message of the Day(MotD) when logging in.-Allways read the News(bot) if updated, when logging in-Pay attention to our Forum; posting is voluntarily, attention by reading is not.-expect that for any complains to be taken seriously, they should be posted on the forum for all to debate.


- Spawn killing, grey killing, killing when busy with mobs and killing an outnumbered person(s) may be permitted if the guild is on the K.O.S. list. This will need to be determined by Bogwash, or further down the line, a warchief. However. If you are killing a person unfairly because of this, it is important you tell them WHY. Otherwise it is a black mark against our guild name, and your own.

Any personal vendettas ARE NOT an excuse for dismissing the above. If you are unfairly killed take a note of their name and guild. By all means, retaliate with any action you wish on that same person, but do not take it out on a different person.

Just remember, other peoples enjoyment of the game is just as important as your own. Dont be a dick!
If you break these rules you will be warned, then you will be kicked. .